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Welcome to My Bud Light Beer Commerical Page!

Please Feel Free to Download all the Commerical's you want, I found most of these on Winmx. If you would like to add a commerical that is not on the list please feel free to e-mail me and let me know. Thanks again for vistiting my Web Site and Enjoy!

Real American Heroes (27 Total )(All About 560Kb)

Mr. Losing Locker Room Reporter
Mr. Parking Attendant Flashlight Waver
Mr. Pickled Feet Eater
Mr. Putt Putt Golf Course Designer
Mr. Wrecking Ball Operator
Mr. Bowling Shoe Giver Outer
Mr. Bumper Sticker Writer
Mr. Chinese Food Delivery Guy
Mr. Supermarket Deli Meat Slicer
Mr. Fake Tattoo Inventor
Mr. Foot Long Hot Dog Inventor
Mr. Fortune Cookie Fortune Writer
Mr. Garden Gnome Maker
Mr. Hawaiian Shirt Pattern Designer
Mr. Inspriational Poster Writer
Mr. Outside The Stadium Peanut Seller
Mr. Pit Crew Water Bottle Squirter
Mr. Proffesional Movie Extra Guy
Mr. Bass Plaque Maker
Mr. Driving Range Ball Picker Upper
Mr. Giant Foam Finger Maker
Mr. Jelly Donut Filler
Mr. Major League Infield Raker
Mr. Male Football Cheerleader
Mr. Pro Wrestling Wardrobe Designer
Mr. Underwear Inspector #12
Mr. Golfball Washer Inventor

Real Men Of Genuis (24 Total) (All About 560Kb)

Mr. Beach Metal Detector Guy:
Mr. Company Computer Guy
Mr. Edible Underwear Maker
Mr. Fancy Coffee Shop Coffee Pourer
Mr. Handlebar Mustache Wearer
Mr. Hollywood Plastic Surgeon
Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer
Mr. Tuxedo Shop Tux Renter
Mr. All You Can Eat Buffet Inventor
Mr. Althletic Groin Protector Inventor
Mr. Camouflage Suite Maker
Mr. Giant Pink Inflatable Gorilla Maker
Mr. Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator
Mr. Restroom Toilet Paper Refiller
Mr. Sports Fan Face Painter
Mr. Supermarket Free Sample Guy
Mr. Used Car Lot Auto Salesman
Mr. Wedding Band Guitar Player
Mr. Giant Taco Salad Inventor
Mr. Male Fur Coat Wearer
Mr. Proffesional Figure Skater
Mr. Tiny Thong Bikini Wearer
Mr. Boombox Carrying Rollerskater
Mr. Souvenir Snow Globe Maker

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